Appraisals in the field of agriculture are vast, typically covering all types of agricultural machinery, equipment, granaries, etc. too numerous to mention. Common types can include: tractors; harvesters; combines; seeding & tillage; grain handling equipment; spreaders; swing augers; conveyors; balers; air drills; livestock handling equipment and a broad array of farming implements. 

Heavy Trucks & Trailers

Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group - Heavy Trucks and Trailers


Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group - Construction Heavy Equipment

Oil Field

Oilfield equipment covers a very broad and extensive realm. Examples of equipment appraisals can range from all types of specialty trucks; compressors & boosters; directional drilling tools; drilling rigs; hydraulic power packs; generation units through to portable man camps.

Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group - Oil Field Heavy Equipment

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