Appraising the area of textiles requires great specialty. Textiles can be rare, unusual and interesting ranging from antique clothing, costume through to quilts, rugs and wall hangings. Collectors and museums have dealt in textiles for centuries. Some examples include: antique dress; quilts; hats; English and European textiles; antique arts & crafts that are embroidered and woven; samplers; coverlets; shoes & boots; world textile dress, hats and shawls. 

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Militaria collectibles have always been intriguing. Whether it be museums, dealers and collectors or personal family artifacts, the fascination of memorabilia from the great wars and conflicts has steadily gained popularity. Appraising the values of such items is important for buyers/sellers as well as acquiring proper insurance for museums, etc. 

Some examples of Militaria are: medals; badges; patches & buttons; helmets & headgear; swords; bayonets; firearms; battlefield relics & equipment; uniforms; photographs; wartime documents; insignia; postcards; letters and ephemera.

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