The term boat covers a wide range such as: pleasure crafts; passenger vessels; tugboats; fishing boats; barges; ferries and cargo vessels. Appraising boats requires specialized experience. They are commonly used by the likes of Banks and Lending Institutions; Accounting and Law Firms; etc. for Asset Based Lending; Mergers & Acquisitions; Leasing; Insurance; Foreclosures and other uses including Damage Appraisals. It should be noted that a Market Value Boat Appraisal may vary substantially from a Marine Survey. 


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The term Motorhome and RV have become synonymous yet encompass a wide variety of vehicles. Appraisals of motorhomes; camper-vans; fifth-wheel trailers & conventional trailers are important for many purposes. With each, there’s a broad range from basic to luxury. For example, new Class A motorhomes (21 – 40ft long), start around $70,000 but luxury models can approach $1 Million.

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