Paintings & Prints

There are numerous factors in determining appraised values of paintings and prints. Some of these elements include: artist’s name; title of work; condition; rarity; provenance; recent selling prices of similar pieces; authenticity and aesthetic beauty. Art appraisals can serve a number of purposes like: buying/selling; insurance; estate & tax reporting and charitable donations that are most commonly used by personal/private collectors; foundations; galleries and museums.




Museums conserve and preserve various collections of artifacts and items that are of cultural, historical and artistic importance usually for public viewing. Types of museums range from art; war; natural history to science and more. Whether large national institutional or one of thousands of local museums that dot our landscape, it is imperative that our national treasures are appraised regularly to ensure proper insurance coverage against loss or damage. With the passage of time, these artifacts and archives increase in age which generally reflects in an increased value. Curators must stay current and up-to-date with the appraisal values.

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